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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Give me 5 days and I’ll teach you how to build a blog that attracts your ideal client, builds your email list, and generates consistent passive income (so you can live a life of freedom!).

The Blog to Bank Challenge Kicks off LIVE on September 27th, 2021
In these 5 days, I’ll share with you how I’ve been able to impact millions and make millions through my blog. No writing degree required ;)
It’s time you stop trading dollars for hours and enjoy the FREEDOM blogging has to offer!

Here’s what we’ll cover in our 5-days together:
  • ​Day 1: What to do FIRST to monetize your blog
  • ​Day 2: The secret sauce to starting your blog on the right foot, so you feel super inspired and compelled to work on it (without losing motivation).
  • ​Day 3: Essential Step to Creating a Profitable Blog
  • ​Day 4: What NOT to do when blogging
  • ​​Day 5: Email Marketing & building the connection

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Learn the little-known secrets...

In this transformational 5 day experience I'll share with you my personal playbook of little-known secrets that have allowed me to go...

  • From no one reading my blog to over 1,600,000 people on my blog
  • Zero audience to over 30,000 people on my email list (built for free using my blog!)
  • Food stamps with NEGATIVE $400 in my checking account to completely debt free, hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments and a solid plan to retire by 40!
  • ​Newbie in the online space to over 4,500 online programs sold & the go-to expert on Pinterest
Hi! I’m Rachel, the girl who's earned millions of dollars online while traveling the world, raising babies, and running our nonprofit in Senegal. I’m the creator of the She’s Making an Impact podcast, Pin with Purpose, and Activate.

 I've helped thousands of entrepreneurs, bloggers, and creatives make a great living online while making a greater impact on the world and live a life of freedom.
Crave such change in your life and business? Let’s do this!
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DISCLAIMER: Any sales figures stated above or in the training are my personal sales figures. Please understand my results are not typical, I'm not implying you will achieve these figures, or even create any earnings for yourself. I have been doing this for the past 4 years, and through hard work, I have achieved these results. The average person who purchases "how to" courses or information gets little results or even zero results. I am using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many deciding factors, such as (but not limited to), your background, experience, and commitment. All businesses entail risk as well as huge effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS TRAINING. At the end of the training, I will be making an offer for people who want to work more closely with myself and my team to get help with creating, scaling & implementing what I will teach you on this training. This, however, is completely optional. The training will last around 40 minutes over the course of 5 days and if you decide that you don't want to work more closely with me, you can leave and you won't be committed to buying anything. Although the option to work with me is present, this training will give you all of the information & tools for you to take action and create this for yourself.